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Duffin & Dore was formed by attorneys Rick Duffin and Sean Dore, two top-notch attorneys with more than twenty-five years of experience. Duffin & Dore represents clients in lawsuits involving personal injury claims, insurance claims, contract disputes, real estate disputes and family law matters. The lawyers at Duffin & Dore also have years of experience working on thousands of residential and commercial real estate transactions.

At Duffin & Dore, we understand that life can be complicated. We want to help guide you and your family and friends during those times because we value what's truly important. We understand everyone's situation is different, and, with expertise in many areas, we can represent you through every step of the legal process. We have worked on claims ranging from $10,000 to over $50 million dollars. No case is too small or too big.

Litigation and Lawsuits:

The Firm's motto We Win Cases! is a testament to years of fighting aggressively for the thousands of clients who have called us their attorneys. The truth is that the attorneys at Duffin & Dore not only win cases, but they achieve exceptional results for clients in matters that never see a courtroom. We understand that litigation is difficult for most people, and being involved in a lawsuit is not how most people want to spend their time (or money). In certain cases, we can first attempt to amicably resolve a dispute with the other parties or insurance companies involved in the matter. For example, if your insurance company has wrongfully denied a claim for property damage to your home, the best result may come from persuading the insurance company through a combination of facts and law that it is wrong and that it should pay the claim rather than end up in a lengthy court battle where the insurance company will ultimately lose. For the homeowner, the best result is to have the claim paid in full as quickly as possible, rather than live in temporary housing for months or years while the lawyers fight in court.

In all cases, we consider our clients' individuals needs, and we craft an approach that best suits those needs. But make no mistake, if resolution cannot be had to our clients' satisfaction, we will file suit, and we will fight for your rights. 


"My insurance company denied my life insurance claim and refused to pay me anything. Within 4 weeks of hiring Duffin & Dore, the insurance company paid the full benefits due under my policy. The insurance company went from paying me nothing to paying hundreds of thousands of dollars"

"I was hit by a taxi cab and in a coma for three weeks. The cab driver said I was at fault, and he had a witness. The taxi cab company went bankrupt and was refusing to pay for my medical bills and injuries. I hired Duffin & Dore to take my case. They got me more money than I could have expected.”

Real Estate and Business Transactions

We take a hand's on approach to real estate and business transactions. We understand that these transactions involve some of the most significant investments that our clients will ever make. We have successfully represented individuals, businesses, investors, and developers in all facets of real estate law and business transactions. Whatever your real estate or business needs may be, we can help you.


"I would highly recommend Duffin & Dore for counsel and representation in real estate transactions. As a Realtor for the past fifteen years, my clients are my top priority. Therefore, it's imperative that everyone involved in the transaction, particularly the attorney, is fully engaged in the process every step of the way. The lawyers at Duffin & Dore are the attorneys I always recommend to my clients. Their knowledge of real estate law, experience and ability to address any challenge that arises in real estate is invaluable. My clients that are attorneys even retain them for their real estate needs!"

"Awesome job ... Duffin & Dore was there for every step of our transaction. They provided comprehensive advice on real estate, Illinois Condominium Act, and insurance issues. Their insight and expertise were invaluable, and they helped us achieve a very favorable result despite multiple challenges."

"As a lawyer myself, I was concerned about finding a real estate lawyer for our home sale and purchase that not only had an excellent grasp of real estate law but also was practical and could quickly spot issues. The lawyers at Duffin & Dore possess those qualities. I always recommend them to my colleagues and friends."

"I had the pleasure of working with Duffin & Dore on several of our developments. The lawyers at Duffin & Dore have great follow-up skills, they always kept us moving forward with our tasks. They have great legal minds with a great business sense. They understood how to advise and keep our end goal in mind."


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