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The attorneys at Duffin & Dore have represented thousands of individuals and businesses in the purchase, sale and leasing of residential and commercial properties. We have expertise working on real estate transactions involving individual buyers and sellers, developers, builders, rehabbers, bank foreclosures and short sales. We work closely with our clients throughout the real estate process, from property selection through closing.

We regularly advise individuals in the area of Condominium Law, including disputes with their condominium associations, and we regularly represent individuals and businesses in lawsuits in state and federal court.   

Selling A Condominium, Townhome or Single-Family Home
Buying A Condominium, Townhome or Single-Family Home
Buying A Property If You Reside Out-Of-State Or Outside The United States
Buying or Selling An Apartment Building
Buying Or Selling A Commercial Property
Leasing Office Space, A Warehouse Or Other Commercial Property
Condominium Law
Foreclosure Defense
Lawsuits (Suing or Being Sued)

Selling A Condominium, Townhome or Single-Family Home
We regular represent clients selling properties.  Our goal is to keep your sale on track, and to limit any amounts that you may be asked to pay for inspection related issues.  We review all contracts, negotiate attorney review and inspection issues, order title, obtain payoff letters, prepare the closing documents and attend the closing.  Prior to closing, we prepare a Closing Statement with all closing figures for your review.  We obtain the HUD-1 Settlement Statement as early as possible for your review.  Many of our sellers prefer not to attend the closing.  If so, we can e-mail you a power of attorney form and all documents for your execution well in advance of the closing date.  We will then attend the closing on your behalf, and we will call you from the closing to discuss the final details.  We can have the title company overnight your proceeds to you or wire them to you. 

Buying A Condominium, Townhome or Single-Family Home
Work with an experienced and knowledgeable real estate broker every time you purchase a property.  There is normally no cost to you for this service.  Your real estate broker works for you, but your real estate broker’s commission is paid by the Seller.   If you do not have a real estate broker, contact us to discuss your plan for purchasing a property.  We can put you in contact with the best real estate brokers in the business. 
Typically, your real estate broker will complete the initial contract that comprises your offer to purchase a property.   Not all real estate brokers are created equal.  There are many excellent real estate brokers, but there are also real estate brokers who lack attention to detail.  We are experts in spotting issues in contracts that can lead to big problems for you in the transaction.  We identify all issues in our contract review and advise you appropriately.  We draft a detailed attorney review letter to protect your interests.

We recommend a professional inspection for most real estate purchases.  A professional inspector knows what to look for in a property, including problems with the foundation, roof, electrical components, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, etc.  We have contacts will excellent inspectors, and we can put you in touch with them.

Once your inspection is complete, we discuss the details with you.  Unless you are buying the property in As-Is condition, you have the right to ask the seller to repair defects in the property.  In those situations, we will draft a detailed inspection letter to protect your interests, and we negotiate issues on your behalf.  Our goal is to fully protect your interests, while at the same time getting you the best deal.

We attend all closings.  At closing, we explain all loan documents to you, review all figures for accuracy, review the deed, and review the title to make sure all liens are paid off.  By doing a very thorough job at closing, we significantly reduce the risk that you experience any issues after closing. 
We charge a flat fee for residential real estate closings.  Call today for a quote. 

Buying A Property If You Reside Out-Of-State Or Outside The United States
We regularly represent clients who reside outside Illinois and outside the United States.  For clients residing outside Illinois or the United States, we can guide you through the process of buying a property in Illinois.  If you are unable to attend the closing, we can prepare a power of attorney for you.  Many of our clients who reside outside the United States buy properties in Illinois for investment purposes.  If you are buying a property for investment, we recommend holding ownership in an LLC (“limited liability company”).  This can protect you and your assets from liability for matters involving the subject property.  We can set up an LLC for you and advise you how to properly maintain your LLC.  We can also serve as your registered agent.  For your convenience, all paperwork for setting up the LLC and for purchasing a property can be handled via e-mail.  Call or e-mail us today to discuss.

Buying or Selling An Apartment or Multi-Unit Building
We regularly represent clients buying and selling multi-unit buildings.  Selling a multi-unit building is similar to selling a single family home, except that you are required to provide rent-rolls, budgets, tenant leases and, often times, additional government closing documentation.  Buying a multi-unit building involves a detailed review of rent-rolls, budgets, and tenant leases.  We review all documentation on your behalf and advise you of any issues.  

Buying Or Selling A Commercial Property
We regularly represent clients buying and selling commercial properties.  We negotiate contracts, review all disclosures, tenant leases, rent rolls, budgets, zoning classifications, and inspection reports.  We prepare detailed contract riders to protect your interests, which should always include your right to terminate the transaction if you are not satisfied with any matter discovered during your due diligence period.  We attend all closings, review all loan documents, review all figures for accuracy, review the deed, review the survey, and review the title.  By doing a very thorough job at closing, we significantly reduce the risk that you experience any issues after closing. 

Leasing Office Space, A Warehouse Or Other Commercial Property
We regularly review tenant leases for commercial properties, and we prepare leases for commercial landlords.  For tenants, a thorough review of the commercial lease is essential.  These leases are typically drafted by attorneys for the protection of the Landlord.  Many of the terms are foreign to the lay person.  Not knowing or understanding the terms of a commercial lease can be devastating to your business.

For landlords, it is imperative that your commercial lease be drafted with very “tight” and precise language.  In the event of any tenant default, you want to have all available remedies at your disposal.  We can draft a lease specific to your needs and protect your interests.  

Condominium Law
We regularly advise clients on all areas of Illinois condominium law.  Condominium associations are governed by the Illinois Condominium Property Act, and they are bound by the terms of the Condominium Declaration.  We can guide you through all matters of condominium law.

Foreclosure Defense
We regularly represent homeowners going through the foreclosure process.  If you live in the property (or rent it out) and want to continue living in it as long as possible (or continue to rent it as long as possible), we can assist you in that process.  If you prefer to turn the property over to the bank through a deed in lieu of foreclosure, we can assist you with that process as well.  We have flexible payment plans available, and we accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card for payment. 

We regularly represent landlords in evicting tenants.  In the eviction process, we understand that your goal is to evict a tenant as quickly and as cheaply as possible.  We have experience in achieving your goals, and we will work diligently and efficiently to assist you.

Lawsuits (Suing or Being Sued)
We have extensive litigation experience, and we regularly represent individuals and entities in state and federal court.  We represent plaintiffs and defendants.  Whatever real estate dispute you have, and regardless of whether you need to sue someone or whether you are being sued, we can assist you. 



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